Jean-Guy Comeau


Pianist originating from Atlantic Canada and present in the Vallartan musical scene for the last 15 years, Jean-Guy received his musical training, both in voice and piano, at Moncton and Montreal universities.  As a professional chorister, he worked many years with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Studio of Early Music, Tudor Singers and is a founding member of the accomplished Vallarta Vocalista Ensemble.  As pianist and accompanist, he has been heard with many amazing musicians both here and abroad.  He presently holds positions of Director of Music at Christ-Church-By-The-Sea and also of piano accompanist for the PVGMC.  During 25 years, he taught at Montreal’s popular and well-ranked school called FACE (Fine Arts Core Education) and continues today to support music education and appreciation through his work with IAMPV (Instituto de Artes Musicales) and his numerous performances at INCANTO.